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Information on association docks for Sale
So you think you want to buy a boat slip.  Here are a few things to consider when trying to make your deal.
1. Read or browse the included Marina.pdf  to give you a better understanding of what a condo boat slip ownership is all about.
2.  Understand that most boat slips have a certain value based on the size of the boat they allow as well as the amenities included.
3.  Various docks have different prices for specific reasons.  A $5,000-$10,000 dock is not the same as a $2,500-$5,000 dock.

For a complete description of allowable boat sizes click here/ Boat Lengths


In general there are 4 different types of Boat Slips available in the marina.

1.) Standard Boat Slip /accommodates boats no longer than 25’, no water or electric

2.) Deluxe Boat Slip /accommodates boats no longer than 25’, water and electric

3.) Deluxe Boat Slips /accommodates boats no longer than 30’, water and electric

4.) Deluxe Boat Slips /accommodates boats to 34’, water and electric (J-Channel)

This section is being updated for 2019 to provide more current information since changes to the marina have increased interest regarding ownership or purchasing of a slip.  You are probably aware that Northport Condo Marina Association is a private marina facility owned and operated by it’s co-owners.  For a fee non-members can currently have access to launch boats from the ramp.  A free pamphlet is available at the gas dock which gives a more thorough explanation on ownership.

The price of a unit (boat slip) is largely determined by (a.) Length of the boat, (b.) beam of the boat, (c.) Condition of the dock, (d.) Water and electric and (e.) Location.  This means there are docks available from $2500 to $10,000.  You should be aware that all docks have an annual fee along with county taxes.

So what’s next. To get information on specific dock availability call Jackie (586 792 5648).  She will want to know your boat size and then will obtain specific information regarding various docks available from the Marina Association or membership.  Before you buy, she will suggest meeting with you at the site to investigate most available slip possibilities, as well as other things to consider like checking which side of the boat you wish to embark from, what the by-laws mean, and the financial condition of the association.

Jackie is not a real-estate agent but is hired by the board in another capacity and handles information on sales and rentals as a service to the board.  She has been doing this service for over 15 years.  So where are the docks for sale listed? The association docks for sale are the ones currently listed below and the list is subject to change.         (Updated 4/13/2019)


    B-72, B-82, H-228, H-231, H-232, H-233, H-235, I-244


    A-24, B-47, C2-110


    F-187, G-194, G-207 ($5,000)

(All docks have rebuilt finger piers on a rebuilt main pier)