Northport Marina

AuGres, Michigan


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Northport Condominium Marina Association

Annual Meeting

September 4, 2021

K of C Hall


Larry J. Gontko    President    989 876 6470

989 860 0295

Mike Donnenwerth     Vice President     989 295 7068

Dennis Klein    Treasurer    989 876 0005

989 941 8410

Kris Pullen     Secretary    989 450 6653

Mike Latimer    Trustee    720 208 6214

Call to Order|:   President Gontko called the meeting to order at 9:30AM.

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence: Pres. Gontko led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a Moment of Silence for those members we lost since the last meeting: Charlie Metcalf, Carolyn Hensen, Betty Lacey, John Reilly and Art Madajski, along with members of our armed service forces.

Welcome to New Owners:  The following new dock owners stood to be welcomed:  E-153, E-167, D-123, I-245, I-265, D-120, E-171, and J-38.

Introduction of Board Members:  Pres. Gontko introduced Board Members:  Kris Pullen, Secretary; Mike Latimer, Trustee; Mike Donnenwerth, Vice President. (Dennis Klein, Treasurer was excused.)  Jackie Szczepaniak, assistant Treasurer, appointed by the board, and not a board member gave the financial report.

Proof of Notification:  Laurie Freese, J-36.

Minutes from 2019 Meeting:  MOTION to approve 2019 minutes as presented made by E-166. Second by J-36. MOTION passed.  No meeting was held last year due to covid restrictions.

Treasurer's Report:

     Jackie S. Assistant Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's Report, reviewing the income and expenses on the handout. The Marina owns 17 docks and sold 4. Thanks go to Rick and April Valley, Bill Horton, Sue Maziarz, and Chris at the Gas Dock for assisting in dock rentals.  

Northport Gas Dock:

    Has an estimated net income of $6,000. Gallons sold: 2019 = 9,700 gals. 2020 = 11,298 gals. 2021 = 13,533 gals to date.   The net income will decrease as gas needs to be purchased by winter.

Questions and Comments from Membership:

  Q. J-36 What is the $100 Picnic Table expense?  ANSWER:  Paid to Bilacic Trucking to haul way old tables.

  Q. D-123 What is the ‘Ulrich Settlement? A. Ulrich is the original developer of the marina & campground. There was a lawsuit over the         master deed, and this line item remains.

  Q. E-153 The gas left in the tank at the gas dock, does it get pumped out?  

  A. No. The tank must remain at 50% full, so the tank does not float because of freezing of the ground water.

     We have made $6,000 on boat ramp fees to date this year. The Board is establishing a Reserve Fund for the Boat Ramp.

     Comment. J-36 For a voluntary honor system on the boat ramp that is a good amount of money coming in.

     Pres. Gontko: Yes, we would like to thank Rick Valley for selling our seasonal passes to the boat ramp. He does a great job.

  Q. E-171  I am a new member. I came in July and got a note on my car, so I bought a pass and then found out later I do not need a pass.        Do I need a pass? A. No!  If you own a slip, you are allowed to launch watercraft that you own.  You cannot launch your relatives or        friends watercraft, they would have to pay the annual or daily fee for launching. Unfortunately, with all the new members in the marina,        it is difficult to get the communications out in regard to the use of the boat ramp.

Vote on Annual Michigan Condo Audit Act (599.157): Moved by E-153 to OPT OUT of annual accounting audit for 2021. Second by E-166. Motion passed.

Board Election:

    Election of two Board Members. President Gontko appointed Jackie S. as election official. There are two board members who terms are expiring, Gontko and Pullen. Larry Gontko nominated Kris Pullen. Mike Donnenwerth nominated Larry Gontko. Being no other nominations therefore nominations were closed. John Freese, J-36 asked if both accepted nominations, affirmative. The secretary cast one vote for each to elect.

President’s Report:

   Pres. Gontko thanked Norm Davis for his volunteer work grading the parking lots.  In 2020 work done at the marina included rebuilding the dyke, riprap and the walkways to the boat ramp which were under water at the time, and gravel was put down in the north/south parking lots.  In 2021, to date the south parking lot gate & “I”  yard light were repaired, the gas dock building was remodeled, and we have plans to build a new 24' x 24’ storage shed this fall. Mike reported that there are about 10 shore power stations on J-channel that have electrical issues.  Marina has an electrician working on fixing these.

  Q. J-36 Before we build a new storage building, what is the status on the Fish Cleaning Station? A.  The master deed says we have access       at the general store. Our sewer was shut down, which is another story. The store is now in bankruptcy. Our fish cleaning station is now      open. Bottom line, we need a storage building. At a board meeting, a motion was passed for a storage building. We will build a storage      building.

  Q. D-123 People talk about putting fish guts in the freezer. What do we put the guts in? Are there bags in the fish cleaning station? A. Yes,       and newspapers.

  Q. D-120 The new pencil buoys? Did someone hit something? A. There used to be docks there. A person told Bill Horton they hit        something two days in a row, so we marked it with the pencil buoys.

  Q. J-42 We have asked you before but let us ask the membership. How about selling ice and worms at the gas dock? A. The gas dock at      one time sold ice and worms.  Sales of these items were not very good, so we stopped selling.

  Comment. J-36 Last week there was a storm rolling in, two boats came in back-to-back, about 25 mph causing 3-to-4-foot waves in the      marina, rocking boats. I went nuts hollering at them. It was dangerous. One of your board members talked to one of them and got the door     slammed in their face. Then they received a text message with a bullseye on it. I’m just saying right now, I will take pictures of the MC# and     will turn it into the Sheriff's office. These folks do not know what ‘boat wake’ and ‘no wake’ means.  A.  Point well taken. I yelled at a    couple of jet skis the other day.

Q. J-37 How come the sheriff is not in there anymore? A. No idea, you could call them and ask them.

There being no further business to discuss, a Move To Adjourn at 10:34AM was made by E-166. Second by E-171. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Kris Pullen, Secretary